User Experience

Simplicity and ease to use are necessary conditions for a successful motor pool. With the INVERS motor pool, your service orientation will be brought to a new level. Customers appreciate that cars are available at any time, that they can easily schedule and reserve vehicles and if necessary access and return them 24/7. Your drivers will be able to use the service with just a few intuitive steps:

  • Reserve the vehicle either via browser, smartphone, call center or company internal hotline. A booking confirmation will be sent out immediately either via email or SMS.

  • The vehicle can be opened via smart card, employee badge or access card, LapID tags (electronic driver’s license monitoring), a smart phone or a confirmation code. The user can also dispatch the keys from a secure keybox (KeyManager) to access the car, depending on requirements and motor pool size at the location.

  • Vehicle use and driving works the same way as with your own vehicle. During breaks, lock the vehicle with the vehicle key or remote.

  • You can return the keys and car the same way it was accessed (see step 2). When locking the vehicle the key remains electronically secured inside the vehicle or is returned to the secure keybox.

All further steps are fully automated. The system manages all necessary processes in the background, e.g. capturing mileage and usage data, and also billing to departments, cost centers and projects. Data interfaces to third party systems, like SAP, can also be implemented.