Our market-leading carsharing software has been specifically enhanced and optimized for use in automated motor pools.  The software offers convenient self-service options for your users as well as automatic and structured workflows for your fleet management, including reporting functions for management.  With 15 years of experience in carsharing, this software lays the foundation for efficient and cost-effective motor pool management.


Functions and components

  • Web client for users and fleet management
  • Mobile website for reservation and vehicle access via smart phone
  • is web-based and supports different use models:
    • Fixed single vehicle or vehicle class reservation
    • Spontaneous use without prior reservation
    • One-way use and flexible vehicle locations
  • Scalability from small motor pools to fleets with thousands of vehicles
  • Automated workflows for early and late returns
  • Data interfaces to customer and third party systems, e.g. HR and fleet management software
  • Integrated damage, maintenance and vehicle cleaning management
  • Extensive rights management
  • “Cockpit” and real-time fleet overview
  • Private employee accounts for management and billing of private trips
  • Extensive functions which support even international fleet management, e.g. Multi-language support, currency and time settings
  • Automatic requests for rental cars in times of maximum motor pool utilization
  • Ride-sharing options
  • Individual reporting options


Apart from the standard version, the software offers numerous options to customize motor pool configurations. The integration of in-house or third-party systems is fully or incrementally possible via open interfaces, e.g. imports of user or master data as well as usage and cost exports.

Cloud Hosting is hosted as a private cloud solution on our high-availability redundant server farms. Our infrastructure is ready for your growth – with transparent cost models along the way. Operators with a large carsharing fleet can also run on their own infrastructure.