Motor Pools

Fleets with pool vehicles

Benefit from our market-leading carsharing technology to optimize your vehicle pool! We help you to optimize your processes with streamlined and secure procedures delivering first class self-service options to your customers. As well as complete usage tracking and automated billing, our platform offers time and cost reduction potential for fleet managers.

Discover our pool vehicle solution in a pilot project with a small motor pool: With its modern cloud architecture, our solution can be easily implemented and expanded. With INVERS software (CocoSoft) and hardware (InCar Technology and KeyManager) you can run your own motor pool with ease. You also have the option to deploy our solution as a full service installation through our system partners.


Improved User service

Your customers get an immediate overview of which vehicles are available. Cars can be easily reserved – 24/7, via web browser or smart phone. Reservations over the phone are also available as an option.

Key dispatch and return is fully automated and available 24/7.

Electronic monitoring of a valid driver’s license can be seamlessly integrated into the system and does not incur any additional efforts for users or administrators. Fully automated monthly billing allows you to easily charge the motor pool expenses within your organization. In addition, you could even offer your customers services like private usage of pool vehicles outside business hours.

Cost savings

Our intelligent algorithms ensure optimal vehicle utilization within the fleet. Experience with existing customer installations has shown that with more efficient utilization, the pool size can be reduced up to 30 percent within a short time period.

Also, our optimal utilization solution takes special parameters into account, e.g. leasing contracts with mileage clauses. Apart from being able to run a leaner fleet, our automated workflows will save you administrative time and cost – from booking to billing. Manual reimbursements for office use of private vehicles and unauthorized private use of pool vehicles will be a thing of the past.

Intelligent pool vehicle management

The organization of your vehicle pool will become more transparent and fully accountable through customer self-service and simple allocation of pool use to cost centers, order or project numbers (with the respective billing models). This includes fully automated billing, including automated data export to external systems, e.g. SAP.

With every key dispatch, the validity of a driver’s license can be easily checked electronically (with LapID tag on the driver’s license) without additional costs. Complete accounting of vehicle use minimizes administrative effort in case of damage, required cleaning or traffic penalties. Booking rights and tasks as well as detailed reporting can be configured individually and can be used to analyze pool usage and ensure efficient operation of the fleet.

Where can you purchase INVERS technology?

With a fleet size of over 30 vehicles, you can purchase technology directly from INVERS and operate it indepedently within your organization. For smaller fleets we recommend acquiring hard- and software from system partners, such as carsharing operators, leasing companies and car rental agencies. These partners can run and administer INVERS technology for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out which option works best for you! Together we can find the optimal solution and provide you with information about system partners in your area.