InCar Technology

Our InCar Technology was specifically developed for use in motor pools. The technology enables you to offer reliable, highly automated motor pool services to your users. Depending on the number of vehicles, locations, and proximity, we provide a customized motor pool solution for you:

With small fleets and decentralized locations, we recommend the direct vehicle access option in combination with the keys electronically secured in the vehicle’s glove box. Whereas with a larger motor pool in a central location, the best solution would be our external Key Management system, which is available as either an indoor or outdoor box.



INVERS InCar Technology will work in almost every vehicle with central door locking and is independent of engine type (conventional fuel, hybrid or electric). The system’s intelligent power management guarantees minimal power requirements, which allows for long standby times between trips.

Access options

The vehicle can be accessed with standard RFID cards (e.g. employee badges), LapID tags (electronic driver’s license monitoring), smartphone or standard cellphones.

Vehicle key deposit

The vehicle keys are electronically secured and stored either in the vehicle or in the external keybox. Optionally, a multi-level ignition interruption and PIN access can be implemented to increase security.

Carsharing 2.0

Our flexible workflows allow for the configuration of innovative business models, such as spontaneous use, one-way use, and flexible vehicle locations.

GPS localization (optional)

Innovative business models such as spontaneous use, one-way use, and flexible vehicle locations can be realized with optimal GPS localization.

Online connections

Communication with our servers can be established via GSM, GPRS and UMTS. If higher-level connectivity breaks down or is not available intelligent fallback strategies allow communication by SMS or even autonomous operation. Data communication between vehicle and the external KeyManager system is established via our economical WiKey technology.

Vehicle data processing

INVERS InCar technology can access large amounts of vehicle data provided on the CAN bus, such as distance driven, odometer readings, and fuel level. Alternatively, distance tracking is available through analog signal or wireless mileage recording.

Fuel card management

With integrated automatic fuel card management and monitoring, the vehicles can conveniently fuelled by the user. Similar to fuel cards, management and monitoring of parking access cards can also be added to the system.

Hands-free intercom

Customer can use the integrated hands-free intercom to communicate with your service hotline. Calls are connected through the customer terminal that is installed in the vehicle.

Fleet management

Large fleets can more efficiently be managed with remote access, e.g. for configuration and trouble-shooting. Firmware updates can be installed wirelessly without vehicle downtime.

Investment protection

Your investment in INVERS technology is protected by extensive service and support options and long-term product lifecycles, including updates and feature upgrades.


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