Large Businesses

Reliable – Experienced – Innovative

We are the global market leader with 20 years of experience in the global carsharing business.  As an independent German technology company, we use in-house programs to design our unique carsharing software solutions, and we develop and manufacture our own carsharing hardware components and accessories. Innovation is part of our daily business, as we work in partnership with large fleets and automobile manufacturers. We support and develop our products with longevity in mind. Your investments will be protected by a long-term partnership with INVERS in a rapidly changing environment.

InCar Technology

Our InCar Technology is independent of vehicle brand or make, and includes all necessary components for customer-oriented and user-friendly carsharing services. Our certified components guarantee secure and automated processes – from vehicle booking to billing. The built-in intelligence of our InCar Technology ensures smooth operations, even when a connection between vehicle and server cannot be established. Flexible interfaces allow you to integrate third-party devices with INVERS InCar Technology.


Our CocoSoft platform serves as a reliable software foundation for carsharing operations of all sizes. Return, one-way, or free floating: CocoSoft implements and supports everything a professional carsharing operation requires - from logistics to billing. With its open and modular structure, CocoSoft allows you to easily integrate your own business processes. You can integrate your own systems via open interfaces or start with our INVERS complete solution that adapts to and grows with your own systems.