Carsharing Software

Our Software models all core processes of carsharing operations. With our 15 years of experience in the carsharing industry we continuously develop and upgrade the CocoSoft platform. Automatic and structured workflows as well as self-service options for your customers make CocoSoft an efficient and cost-effective solution for your carsharing operations. The flexible and open architecture of CocoSoft allows you to quickly realize established and innovative business concepts.


Functions and Components

  • Web client for users, administrators and call center operations
  • Mobile website for reservations and vehicle access with smartphone
  • Flexible design adaptations and/or integration of existing user interfaces
  • Support of innovative carsharing concepts:
    • Spontaneous use without prior reservation
    • one-way use and flexible vehicle locations
    • fixed single vehicle or vehicle class reservations
  • Automated workflows for early and late returns
  • Powerful billing engine which supports complex billing models and various payment types
  • Real-time fleet overview and logging of all user actions with InCar Technology
  • Integrated damage, maintenance and vehicle cleaning management
  • Integration of customer or third party systems via open interfaces (e.g. CRM and account systems)
  • Extensive rights management
  • Support of private and corporate end users
  • Multi-language support including customizable currency and time zone settings
  • Individual reporting options

Cloud Hosting is hosted as a private cloud solution on our high-availability redundant server farms. Our infrastructure is ready for your growth – with transparent cost models along the way. Operators with a large carsharing fleet can also run on their own infrastructure.