• Innovative

    Access cars via smartphone, LapID and smart cards

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  • Mobility 2.0

    Use our flexible and future-proof software platform CocoSoft.net

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  • Electrifying

    Comprehensive support of electrical vehicles for the eco-friendly fleet.

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  • User-friendly

    Our reliable and customizable InCar-Technology leads to first-class user experience.

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  • Economical

    Low motor pool costs through high vehicle utilization and automation.

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INVERS — The Global Standard for Carsharing Technology

INVERS is the global market leader for InCar Technology and for carsharing software, enabling you to efficiently manage your carsharing and motor pool fleets. INVERS technology is used by hundreds of fleets totaling over 40,000 vehicles in 18 countries. Our customers are our best reference!

Our customers


TU-Automotive Awards, we're comin'!

In less than one month - on June 7 - the TU-Automotive Awards will be held in Novi, Michigan,...



Metropolitan Solutions 2016

INVERS is going to take part in the panel "Mobilitätsvisionäre!" at Metropolitan...



INVERS made the shortlist - TU-Automotive Awards 2016

INVERS’ and Sierra Wireless’ nomination has been shortlisted for this year’s TU-Automotive Awards